Who's who!!

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Who's who!!

Good Afternoon! 

I thought I would introduce the team to you! So you know Who's who. 

Firstly we have Beth, Beth is the CEO the owner and founder of simply so without her none of this would happen I think we need to thank Beth! 

Second you have the two amazing Managers who have been with the company from day one! They support you all so much Rachel and Michelle!! They both need lots of praise they do so much for the company!! Thank you both! 

You then have Kat your training supervisor she is around to help you in the training group! Lots of things happen in this group! Keep eyes open.

Lastly you have me Sophie I am the general assistant and blogger! I am here to help with enquires and will do my best to help!!

All order enquires should go though the online chat on the website if someone is unavailable please leave a message and someone will get back to you. There are opening hours which is Monday-friday 9-5pm I hope this helps!! 

Keep your eyes open for more blogs!! 

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