Harry Potter Acceptance Letter Package PLUS Tickets Spells & More

By Simply Allin1place


The information we will require is as follows:

  • Name (as presented on  letter and envelope)   
  • Personal message (250  characters max)   
  • Room Description   
  • Full address 

Set Includes;

  • Personalised Hogwarts Letter   
  • Personalised Hogwarts Envelope   
  • List Of Requirements  
  • Ministry of Magic note regarding owl post 
  • Hogwarts Express Ticket   
  • Knight Bus Ticket   
  • List Of Spells   
  • Runic Alphabet Chart   
  • 4 exclusive A5 prints


*We are in no way affiliated, endorsed or  associated with Warner Brothers, its associates or any other company involved  with producing harry potter merchandise, any reference to the names harry  potter, Hogwarts etc. is done so purely for descriptive purposes, all images,  logos or trademarked images that are shown in our listings are the property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with us in any way.

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