By Simply Allin1place


Get creative with Crayola Marker Maker and Emoji Tips.

It comes with everything you need to create your unique marker pens. Choose a colour to make with the colour mixing guide then mix together the inks using the measuring tube.

Then then dip in the marker core and watch as it absorbs all the ink. Using the tweezers remove the core and assemble your marker not forgetting to customise it with a label.

You can create up to eight colourful markers and with the fun emoji stampers you can add some smiley faces, hearts or pizza shapes to your beautiful masterpieces. Once finished it all packs away neatly in the marker unit for mess-free fun.

This Crayola art set's ideal for ages five and up.

What's in the box?

· 1 x Marker making unit
· 8 x Emoji stampers
· 3 x Bottles of ink
· 2 x measuring tubes
· Tips, caps and plugs
· Tweezers
· A mixing guide
· Marker labels
· 2 x Marker storage boxes

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